Can Poison Ivy Ever Be Cute?

poison ivy seedling

A viewer sent in this very good photo of poison ivy seedling. You can see the baby leaves, the oval-shaped leaves called cotyledons. But you can also see the "leaves of three" at right angles to those baby leaves. This tiny seedling can grow into a monster vine as thick as 6 inches thick, climbing up a tall tree or building. This particular seedling won't be doing any growing, as the woman who sent me the photo says she doesn't think it is very cute, and is going to yank it out and toss it away.

Could you get a rash from a baby poison ivy plant like this? My guess is yes, if you are sensitive enough.

One more thing about this: once the seedling becomes a true vine, the leaves will come off the main steam alternating left and right, never across from each other like these first 4 leaves.