Actual Poison Sumac

poison sumac with test wipe

This is a positive test for poison sumac!

Poison sumac is pretty rare and only grow in very wet areas, whereas poison ivy is everywhere and grows in wet, dry, sunny, shady, or any conditions.

And yet people are VERY concerned about poison sumac: many visitor to this website are looking for information about poison sumac. And there are many plant that have those multiple leaflet stems. As a poison-ivy-obsessed person, I can spot it easily, but poison sumac is much less common and hard to spot.

So here is a photo where a customer has bought the SeeLeaf poison ivy detection wipes and gotten a postive result, proving that THIS IS poison sumac.

The SeeLeaf wipes are called poison IVY detection wipes because poison IVY is super common while poison SUMAC is pretty rare. But the oil that causes the rash is just about the same in all related plants, so the wipes work for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.