16 Card LAMINATED Poison Ivy ID Card Set

4x6 quality images of poison ivy at near life-size, made for carrying in the field. Images include various types of plants in various seasons and common safe plants that look like poison ivy. Each card has a detailed black and white illustration on the back that explains important points about the photo.

Cards are laminated in tough 5 mil plastic and bound with a removable carabiner and are shipped in a vinyl reclosable envelope that is tough as nails. Well, almost that tough, and unlike nails, it doesn't rust.

So far, we only have this card set in English and only for eastern poison ivy, not for poison oak. If we get enough demand, we can make these cards in these other types.

BULK ORDER PRICE: 1/2 price, or $14.75. For each 50 card sets, shipping included: $737.50. Contact us for bulk orders.

$29.50, shipping and handling included


poison ivy card set